REPLACEMENT UNITARY DEVELOPMENT PLAN FOR THE BRADFORD DISTRICT Adopted October 2005 Policy Ref Policy Title Chapter 3 - Principal Policies UDP1 Promoting Sustainable Patterns of Development UDP2 Restraining Development UDP3 Quality of Built and Natural Environment UDP4 Economic Regeneration UDP5 Needs of Communities in Appropriate Locations UDP6 Continuing Vitality of Centres UDP7 Reducing the Need to Travel UDP8 Use of Natural Resources and Renewal Energy UDP9 Management of Pollution, Hazards and Waste Chapter 4 - Urban Renaissance UR1 [Deleted] UR2 Promoting Sustainable Development UR3 The Local Impact of Development UR4 The Sequential Approach to Accommodating Development UR5 Safeguarded Land UR6 Planning Obligations and Conditions UR7A Mixed Use Areas UR8 [Deleted] UR11 Action Areas Chapter 5 - Economy and Employment E1 Protecting Allocated Employment Sites E2 Protecting Large Employment Sites E3 Protecting Existing Employment Land and Buildings in Urban Areas E3A Office Development E4 Protecting Existing Employment Land and Buildings in Rural Areas E5A Adaptation of agricultural and rural buildings E5 Farm Diversification and New Employment Uses in Rural Areas E6 Employment Zones E7 Storage and Distribution Warehouse Development E8 New Tourist Facilities E9 Major Hotels and Conference Facilities E10 Small Hotels and Guest Houses Chapter 6 - Housing H1 Phase 1 Housing Sites H2 Phase 2 Housing Sites H3 Monitoring The Housing Supply H4 Protecting Allocated Housing Sites H5 Residential Development of Land and Buildings not Protected for Other Purposes H6 Non-Residential Development of Existing Residential Uses H7 Housing Density - Expectation H8 Housing Density - Efficient Use of Land H9 Affordable Housing H10 Affordable Housing - Rural Exceptions 6 Policy Framework Summary of Policies
Adopted October 2005  REPLACEMENT UNITARY DEVELOPMENT PLAN FOR THE BRADFORD DISTRICT Chapter 7 - Town Centres, Retail and Leisure CT1 Development within City and Town Centres and Defined Expansion Areas CT2 Use of Vacant or Underused Upper Floors of Buildings within City and Town Centres CT3 Re-use or Development for Residential Purposes within City and Town Centres CT4 Safeguarding of Arcades and Canopies CT5 Primary Shopping Areas CT6 Amenity within City and Town Centres CR1A Retail Development Within Centres CR2A Areas of Deficiency CR3A Small Shops CR4A Other Retail Development CR5A Specialist Retailing CL1 Leisure and Entertainment Development within City, Town or District Centres CL2 Leisure and Entertainment Developments in Expansion Areas CL3 Leisure and Entertainment Developments outside the City, Town and District Centres Chapter 8 - Transport and Movement TM1 Transport Assessment TM2 Impact of Traffic and its Mitigation TM4 Rail Stations TM5 Railway Lines and Former Railway Network TM6 Bus Priority TM7 Park and Ride TM8 New Pedestrian and Cycle Links TM9 Protection of Routes TM10 The National and Local Cycle Network TM10A Other Road Users TM11 Parking Standards for Non-Residential Developments TM12 Parking Standards for Residential Developments TM13 On-Street Parking Controls TM14 Public Parking in City and Town Centres TM15 Parking Provision Within the Bradford Central Shopping Area TM16 Private Off Street Parking - Change of Use TM17 Protection of Car and Coach Parking Outside the City and Town Centres TM18 Parking for People with Disabilites TM19 Cycle Parking TM19A Traffic Management and Road Safety TM20 Transport and Highway Improvements TM21 Rail and Water Freight Facilities TM22 Lorry Parking TM23 Aircraft Safety Chapter 9 - Design D1 General Design Considerations D2 Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Design D3 Access for People with Disabilities D4 Community Safety D5 Landscaping D6 Meeting the Needs of Pedestrians D7 Meeting the Needs of Cyclists D7A Meeting the Needs of Public Transport Through Design D8 Public Art Policy Framework   7
REPLACEMENT UNITARY DEVELOPMENT PLAN FOR THE BRADFORD DISTRICT Adopted October 2005 D9 Urban Design in City and Town Centres D10 Environmental Improvement of Transport Corridors D11 Gateways D12 Tall Buildings D13 Shop Fronts D14 External Lighting D15 Advertisements D16 Telecommunications Chapter 10 - Built Heritage and the Historic Environment BH1 Change of Use of Listed Buildings BH2 Demolition of Listed Buildings BH3 Archaeological Recording of Listed Buildings BH4 Alteration, Extension or Substantial Demolition of Listed Buildings BH4A Setting of Listed Buildings BH5 Shop Fronts on Listed Buildings BH6 Display of Advertisements on Listed Buildings BH7 New Development in Conservation Areas BH8 Shop Fronts in Conservation Areas BH9 Demolition Within a Conservation Area BH10 Open Space Within or Adjacent to Conservation Areas BH11 Space About Buildings in Conservation Areas BH12 Conservation Area Environment BH13 Advertisements in Conservation Areas S/BH14 Saltaire World Heritage Site BS/BH15 Adwalton Moor Historic Battlefield BH16 Historic Parks and Gardens BH17 Local Historic Parks and Gardens BH18 Development Affecting Class I Archaeological Areas BH19 Development Affecting Class II or Class III Archaeological Areas BH20 The Leeds and Liverpool Canal Chapter 11 - Community Facilities CF1 New School Sites CF2 Education Contributions in New Residential Development CF3 Community Uses CF4 Hospital Development CF5 Protection of Rural Shops  and Community Facilities CF6 Development of Unallocated Land in Community Priority Areas CF7 Change of Use of Buildings in Community Priority Areas CF7A Built Facilities for Community Sport and Recreation CF7B Indoor Sports and recreation facilities Chapter 12 - Open Land In Settlements OS1 Urban Greenspace OS2 Protection of Recreation Open Space OS3 Protection of Playing Fields OS4 New Open Space Provision OS5 Provision of recreation Open Space and Playing Fields In New Development OS6 Allotments OS7 Village Greenspace OS8 Small Areas of Open Land in Villages 8 Policy Framework
Adopted October 2005  REPLACEMENT UNITARY DEVELOPMENT PLAN FOR THE BRADFORD DISTRICT Chapter 13 - Controlling Development in Green Belt GB1 New Building in the Green Belt GB2 Siting of New Building in the Green Belt GB3 Settlement in the Green Belt GB4 Conversion and Change of Use in the Green Belt GB5 Extension and Alteration of Buildings in the Green Belt GB6 Replacement Dwellings in the Green Belt GB6A Major Developed Sites Chapter 14 - Natural Environment and the Countryside NE1 [Deleted] NE2 Outdoor Sport and Recreation NE3 Landscape Character Areas NE3A Landscape Character Areas NE4 Trees and Woodlands NE5 Retention of Trees on Development Sites NE6 Protection of Trees During Development NE7 Sites of International and National Interest NE8 Sites of Special Scientific Interest NE9 Other Sites of Landscape or wildlife Interest NE10 Protection of Natural Features and Species NE11 Ecological Appraisals NE12 Landscape and wildlife Enhancement NE13 Wildlife Corridor Network Chapter 15 - Natural Resources NR1 Safeguarding Resources NR2 Mineral Extraction - Proposals for New Mineral Workings NR3 Mineral Extraction - Proposals for Extensions to Existing Mineral Workings or New Workings NR4 Operational Criteria for Mineral Working NR5 Aggregate Area of Search NR6 Aggregate Landbanks NR7 Aggregate Produced from Recycled Material NR8 Aggregate Recycling Facilities NR9 Oil and Natural Gas Exploration NR10 Peat Extraction NR11A Coal Extraction NR11B Coal Extraction NR12 Renewable Energy NR13 Wind Farms and Turbines NR14 Agricultural Land NR15A Washland NR15B Flood Risk NR16 Surface Water Run Off and Sustainable Drainage Systems NR17 Groundwater Protection NR17A Water Courses and Water Bodies Chapter 16 - Pollution Hazards and Waste P1 Air Quality P2 Air Pollution P3 Hazardous Installations P4 Contaminated Land Policy Framework   9
REPLACEMENT UNITARY DEVELOPMENT PLAN FOR THE BRADFORD DISTRICT Adopted October 2005 P5 Development Close to Former Landfill Sites P6 Unstable Land P7 Noise P8 Waste Management Facilities P9 Household Recycling Centres P10 Green Waste Composting P11 Waste Incineration P12 Waste Management - Operational Matters P13 Inert Waste - Landfill P14 Biodegradable Waste - Landfill P15 Landfill Operational Matters P16 Reworking or Disturbance of Old Landfills 10 Policy Framework